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What coming up this weekend Maybe you should be a little bit more careful at work! did he really just say that? what an idiot. have you seen that pic of that new girl??? Where are the drinks on special tonight?
Where are the Miller Girls tonight?
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Thursday Night Partying At Solas [+] Thursday 12/27/2012
Charity Night At Solas With DJ Grant [+] Saturday 12/15/2012
DJ's Grant & Sami Automatic Play At Solas [+] Saturday 08/18/2012
DJ's Animal & Funk Junkie Spin At Solas [+] Friday 08/10/2012
Special Guest Pornstar DJ Miss B At Solas [+] Saturday 07/28/2012
Mid Week Partying At Solas [+] Thursday 06/28/2012
Redii Benefit Fashion Show At Solas [+] Wednesday 05/23/2012
Thursday Night Partying At Solas [+] Thursday 05/17/2012
Celebrating Chinese New Year With GoGirl At Solas [+] Saturday 01/28/2012
Cirque Du Solas NYE Ball At Solas [+] Saturday 12/31/2011
Thursday Night Partying At Solas [+] Thursday 12/29/2011
Celebrating Sanjay's Birthday Party At Solas [+] Saturday 12/03/2011
College Night At Solas [+] Thursday 10/27/2011
DAYGLOW After Partying At Solas [+] Friday 10/07/2011
Skrillex After Party At Solas [+] Sunday 10/02/2011
Three Levels Of Fun At Solas [+] Thursday 09/29/2011
Three Levels Of Fun At Solas [+] Thursday 09/08/2011
Three Levels Of Fun At Solas [+] Thursday 07/07/2011
College Night At Solas [+] Thursday 06/16/2011
Thursday Night Partying At Solas [+] Thursday 04/28/2011
Lucky Asian New Year's At Solas [+] Saturday 02/05/2011
Friday Night Partying At Solas [+] Friday 01/28/2011
Summer Sensation With DJ Freedom At Solas [+] Thursday 06/17/2010
Stoli's Invite Only Bartender's Ball At Solas [+] Monday 08/10/2009
Guyz And Dollz Party At Solas [+] Thursday 07/16/2009
Missing Friday Night Pictures From Solas [+] Friday 06/05/2009
DJ Dave C At Solas Saturday Night [+] Saturday 01/31/2009
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