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Saturday Night at Grand Central

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Saturday Night at Dixie
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Mon Jan 10 15:50:55 EST 2005

Nice shirt dude! Is it bullet proof?

Tue Jan 11 14:33:02 EST 2005



Oh that hurts!

Tue Jan 11 14:45:28 EST 2005

Shouldnt hurt worse than his date.....eewww! Looks as if her hair is falling out.

Tue Jan 11 15:00:42 EST 2005



that was cold....shes really pretty

Tue Jan 11 15:09:15 EST 2005

um...sure. You must have your beer goggles on.

Wed Jan 12 09:29:24 EST 2005



i don't know either of these people, but the comments sure are a little harsh to this girl. i think she's pretty too.

Wed Jan 12 12:57:40 EST 2005

Ok this is how I feel.. why are you gonna call someone ugly if you don't even have a pic of you on here yourself..so I guess the truth has been told! =) Before you knock on someone for being ugly at least post a pic of you & let us see how "GORGEOUS" lol your are!

Wed Jan 12 14:22:55 EST 2005



You know how to find me PartyV. Quit hiding behind your name and be a man!

Wed Jan 12 14:31:42 EST 2005

Ok guys lets just stop the bullsh!t We dont need anymore drama.

Wed Jan 12 14:42:17 EST 2005



fight ! fight !

Wed Jan 12 14:49:33 EST 2005

Tom, you da man kid.

Thu Jan 13 03:11:06 EST 2005


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