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Swandogg's B-Day Party at The Uptown Cabaret

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Scott & Woody Live at Buckhead Saloon
DJ Billy Mac at Grand Central
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I think i had about eight too many of those!

Sun Feb 12 21:39:21 EST 2006

11 JaegarBombs and your camera's fuckin broke!

Mon Feb 13 08:57:03 EST 2006

d161taL p1mP


ya think!!! lol U turned into mc hammer that night, wait or was it dance fever hahah

Mon Feb 13 09:10:12 EST 2006

hahaha that was to f'n funny!!!!

Mon Feb 13 12:32:11 EST 2006



I don't recall....hahaha

Mon Feb 13 15:06:40 EST 2006

HAPPY V-DAY Lzydayers!!!! ;0)

Tue Feb 14 07:31:30 EST 2006




Fri Aug 4 09:04:31 EDT 2006

hey kivi let me know where u all r going to be so i can meet up with u all

Fri Aug 4 10:13:13 EDT 2006


Gibbs Photograph...

I feel sorry for all you charlotte peeps...first Nessie then Coleen and now Megatron! Ya'll must have some achy livers right now! Happy Birthday Girls xxx

Fri Aug 4 10:20:10 EDT 2006

Cosmos 8:30p, Buckhead 9:30p, Brick n Barrel 10p, and Grand Central 11p until close. I don't know if she will follow that exact time frame though lol or u can just call

Fri Aug 4 12:40:13 EDT 2006


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