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What coming up this weekend Maybe you should be a little bit more careful at work! did he really just say that? what an idiot. have you seen that pic of that new girl??? Where are the drinks on special tonight?
Where are the Miller Girls tonight?
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Lazyday.com User Photo #7580  
Lazyday User Photo 7580
charlotte nightlife
""Jerry" the dead moth, was killed by a basketball thrown by dave (famous robot) he stayed stuck to the wall the whole semester"
location: dorm
date: 20051206   user: Bacon
charlotte nightlife charlotte nightlife
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...his spirit still lives in our hearts
Way too much dope bein' smoked here!!!
jerry did not smoke any dope
good point harleyguy...very good
Just a bad case of being in the wrong place at the right time!
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 Name: Lazy Amber
 Level: admin
 Since: 01/30/2013
 City: Charlotte, NC
 Name: statered9
 Level: reguser
 Since: 11/29/2010
 City: Raleigh, NC

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